FRSPasty is a Windows Clipboard retrieval program.

Why Did We Create FRSPasty?

The Windows® Clipboard is a great feature, but it has two issues: 1) its content is not immediately visible; 2) it only remembers one thing. FRSPasty allows you to see what is in the Windows Clipboard, and it remembers what you have put there, so that you can recall or reuse any of it.

Key Features

  • Your computer has memory, so let's use it; have it recall your previous Clipboard content at any time.
  • It remembers text, images, and files; all the common stuff you put on the Clipboard.
  • Can remember texts between FRSPasty sessions and reboots.

FRSPasty In Action

The application shows a simple listing of entries made to the Windows Clipboard over time on the left-hand side. When you click on an entry, its content is shown on the right-hand side. You can sometime later re-copy the content back to the Windows Clipboard using the buttons on the lower-right. Click on the application's icon in the far upper left corner (in the title bar) to reveal the application's menu, of which the bottom menu commands allow you to customize the look of the application (color scheme and text font).

(screen capture taken on Windows 10)

Our recommendation is that you have Windows automatically start FRSPasty when you boot up your computer. That way it is there, quietly storing all the data that you copy to the Windows Clipboard. Most of the time you won't need FRSPasty. However, when you do, it is there for you. When you discover that you need something that you copied to the Windows Clipboard, simply browse through the entries that FRSPasty shows, click on the entry, and re-copy the content shown on the right back to the Windows Clipboard using the button in the lower-right-hand corner of the application's window. You can move text that FRSPasty discovered on the Windows Clipboard to its "Keep List". Anything that you move to the "Keep List" is remembered across sessions of FRSPasty. This is handy if you find yourself needing the same bit of text over and over again over several days.

System Menu

(screen capture taken on Windows 10)

To keep the main window of FRSPasty as small as possible, additional functionality is available via the application's system menu. This menu can be accessed by clicking on the application's icon in the very top, left corner of the window. When the menu displays, you will see the standard six Windows menu commands. All of the remaining menu commands are custom to FRSPasty and offer you additional functionality to the application.

FRSPasty Privacy Policy

It's Your Data!

FRSPasty data and settings are stored in binary files on your computer. Our products never upload your data to our server nor any third-party server. Our products do not report your interaction with our products to our server nor any third-party server. An Internet connection is not required to use our products. Please note that individuals who have access to your physical computer could potentially have access to your copy of FRSPasty and the data you store in it. Always protect your computer from outside access by setting a strong password on it.