FRSSystemWatch shows what is going on in your computer.

Why Did We Create FRSSystemWatch?

The Windows operating system and many applications read and write files and directories to your disk drive(s). We created FRSSystemWatch to monitor that activity. This will give you a clue as to what each application is doing. Many applications create temporary files that they don't clean up, so you might get a clue as to where to find those.

Key Features

  • Monitors and reports changes to any drive(s), directory/folder(s), file(s), and/or Registry key(s).
  • Multiple monitors can be added.
  • See why there is so much activity going on in your computer.
  • Perhaps even identify applications doing things you don't want them to do.

FRSSystemWatch In Action

FRSSystemWatch is a software tool that enables you to view the changes that are happening on your computer's drive, or any of its files or directories. You can also track changes to one or more Registry keys. The classic Windows desktop look of the application makes it immediately intuitive to use. Click on the "Watch" menu to add more monitors. Select from the drop-down list above the main grid which monitor you wish to view. All monitors continue to work, even if they are not shown.

(screen capture taken on Windows 10)

When you start the application for the first time, it will automatically start to monitor for changes to your primary disk drive, which is typically your C:\ drive. You can add monitors for other drives, as well as for specific directories (or "folders"), and individual files. You can enter the full path to a Registry key (see the application's Documentation Center for more information about how to obtain the path to a Registry key), so that you can see what changes software applications make to a particular key.

Click on the "Watch" menu to add more monitors, or to remove the selected one. FRSSystemWatch keeps track of the changes for the monitors you have set up for as long as it runs. When you close it, the monitoring stops. The next time you start it up again, the monitors you had previously set up will be started again.

Use the "Edit | Copy" menu command to copy text from the reports to another application, if you have the need for preserving data. You can also print reports, as well as export them to an external text file. In addition to clicking on a button to view a different monitor's log, you can also use the F7 key.

FRSSystemWatch Privacy Policy

It's Your Data!

FRSSystemWatch data and settings are stored in binary files on your computer. Our products never upload your data to our server nor any third-party server. Our products do not report your interaction with our products to our server nor any third-party server. An Internet connection is not required to use our products. Please note that individuals who have access to your physical computer could potentially have access to your copy of FRSSystemWatch and the data you store in it. Always protect your computer from outside access by setting a strong password on it.